• Enhance and promote new tools for Outreach in HEP
  • Can we efficiently use this new framework to create HEP Desktop Apps?
  • Produce simple Desktop applications that can work in most common OS! (Windows, Ubuntu, MacOS)

We want as well,

  • Try to create an environment where young students & researchers want to participate in developing applications.
  • Recruiting new person power for Outreach in HEP
  • Try to develop new abilities that can be useful outside the academia
  • ...

The ATLAS Open Data Project

  • What is it?
  • Current status
  • Relevant projects for this presentation
    • ROOT as central analysis framework for data format and analysis code
    • Documentation
    • Jupiter NoteBooks
    • External resources
    • The ATLAS Open Key project

The Hypatia project and IPPOG Masterclasses

  • What is it?

A bit of history on how we are doing Outreach

  • PWF and ATLAS Open Data project
  • Laboratory courses around in several countries


as the focus for deploying educational resources for low-internet (or “moving") environments

  • Advance MasterClasses
  • Laboratory courses
  • ATLAS and training (ICTP) workshops
  • Self-service for external users


web-based technologies for outreach and educational projects

  • traditional HTML + CSS
  • GitBook
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Multimedia documentation: videos
  • Electron “Native” Apps
  • "nteract" Example


  • The ROOT ATLAS detector
  • The ATLAS Open Data documentation
  • Hackathon app

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